If you run your own small business and are hoping to dominate your local markets, we have some advice which we hope will help you to achieve this and make your business a true success.

Even when you are marketing to your entire audience or customer base, you are still speaking to a single human at a given time. – Ann Handley

1. Grow your online presence

No matter what your small business offers, it is very likely that your target audience uses the internet to research products and services before they make a purchase, so you need to ensure that you have a great online presence so that they can find you.

Online presence also means that your website needs to be detailed and comprehensive as you won’t be as successful if you only include the basics, so adding contact details, your business story, and information about what you have to offer are all important when it comes to creating your website.

Also, to your website, it is vital that you set up social media channels so that your potential customers can find you using the platforms that they are familiar with. It may be that your small business doesn’t suit certain channels, so do some research into the ones that your target audience is most likely to use and invest most of your time into those.

2. Email marketing

Conducting effective email marketing is a great way to dominate local markets as it gives you the chance to contact past, present and future customers depending on the data that you have available to you.

Keep people up to date with any new products or services that you are offering, send them details of any company news that you have to share, and send out offers and incentives when it suits the rest of your marketing strategy too.

3. Gather reviews and testimonials

Reputation is everything when trying to dominate local markets with your small business, and gathering reviews and testimonials from your customers is a great way to show people who haven’t bought from you that you are trustworthy.

Most satisfied customers will be happy to leave a review and sending out a survey or a link to your chosen review site is a good way to encourage them to do this for you. You could even offer an incentive, such as money off of their next order with you, if you think that would help.

By offering great customer service and dealing with any issues promptly and professionally, there is no reason why you would receive negative reviews, and if you do experience the odd one, then they should be outnumbered by the positive reviews that are left. Customers know that no-one is perfect so don’t let this concern you too much.

Not only do reviews help you to attract more customers, but they can also highlight anything that you might need to look into to make your small business even more successful.

4. Be active in the community

People love to shop from local businesses as it is great for the economy in their community; you just need to make sure that they know that you are there to dominate the local markets.

Ensuring that you take social responsibility seriously by being involved in what is going on in the community is a great step in gaining trust, and you could also look into sponsoring an event or a local charity to really get your brand out there and show that you care at the same time.

There may also be your own fundraisers that you could organise to raise money for something close to the heart of the community, and this will give you a great opportunity to meet lots of people and show them what your business is hoping to achieve.

5. Offer an amazing customer experience

Your small business will only succeed if you provide amazing customer service as this is what will get you the great reviews, word of mouth referrals, and repeat business too.

Always aim to take your customers opinions and feedback on board and let them know how you plan to tackle any issues that they had, be friendly and approachable so that people are happy to visit you and discuss their needs, and offer convenient opening times so you know that your target audience will be able to conduct their business with you at a time that is suitable for them.

By doing this you will increase your small business’ chances of dominating the local markets and ensure that your venture is a great success.

If there is any strategy that has worked for you do leave us a comment.