Great marketing is all about telling your story in such a way that it compels people to buy what you are selling.  -Gary Vaynerchuk

Running a small business is both a joy and challenge.

It requires the mastering of many essential skills such as sales, accounting, and marketing.

Marketing seems like a topic that requires certain skills and knowledge, and could takes years for a dedicated marketing professional to learn and implement.

Small businesses need to get the word out about their business effectively in order to thrive and grow.

With many other companies spending big bucks on their marketing and advertising, it’s important that small businesses owners learn some marketing tricks to stand out.

Here are some ways a small business owner can nail their marketing.

Understand Who Your Ideal Customer Is

Before you can start selling your product or services, you need to answer a few key questions:

What? Who? Where? Why? How?

You may be selling coffee, but who do you want to buy it? Millennials who like sustainably-sourced dark roast coffee?

Where? Online, or at a coffee shop? Or a portable coffee shop?

Why? Does it save time, effort, or money? Does the product have unique features that are appealing?

How? Will they pre-book it online with an app, or will they simply pay cash? What experience do they get?

There are a few other things you need to consider, such as their habits, lifestyle, and even job.

Getting into the head of your ideal customer gives you more knowledge on how you can market to them.

Define Your Unique Selling Points (USP)

Even if you’re selling coffee, you’ll be a little different to the competition.

Finding and understanding your USPs means you can really promote what is good about your company.

Even with many big coffee chains out there, your USP could be the fact that your coffee is hand-roasted locally, or comes from carefully selected suppliers.

It could be the fact that your coffee shop is a cat cafe.

By making yourself stand out from your competitors, you’ll be sure to gain traction with your marketing efforts because you’ll really appeal to your target market.

Create Content That’s Valuable

Creating content is one of the best ways to generate long-term traffic to your website.

You don’t need to be a blogging expert to create content that’s valuable and unique.

Your knowledge and perspective will be enough to ensure your content will resonate with your target audience.

Write about common questions or concerns that your customers have about your product.For example, you could blog about the different types of coffee bean, the roasting process, or tips on making the perfect matcha latte.


Create Partnerships

It’s much better to combine your efforts with another person or company. If you’re a wedding planner, you could team up with a wedding photographer or a wedding venue and agree to promote each other’s services and cross-promote. Ensure you have clear agreements and guidelines on fee structure and scale of work

Leverage Local Press Coverage

Local news and radio stations are always looking for a great story about a local business. Find a unique and appealing angle for your story to get the attention of journalists.

PR is essentially free advertising and a fantastic way to get positive exposure for your business.It can take some time to build up contacts and draft a good press release, but practice makes perfect.